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Certified Maine Lobster

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Maine Lobster Company

Gift Certificates for your Friends and Family.

Dollar Amount Gift Certificates
Dollar Amount Gift Certificate Send a Gift Certificate and let them choose!
Dollar amount Certificates allow your recipient to choose the perfect package, as well as the day and most convenient location for delivery.
Lobster Gram Email Gift Certificate
Lobter Gram E-Certificate Gift Certificate sent by e-mail to your recipient.
Faster than a speeding mail truck, this is the quickest way for a Lobster Gram Gift Certificate to arrive! Send a Dollar Amount certificate via Email to your recipient - it's the ultimate in convenience!
Gift Gram Choice Gift Certificates - VALUE PRICED!
Gift Gram Choice Gift Certificate Choose from a selection of gift ideas!
Gift Gram Gift Certificates allow your recipient to choose from a variety of Lobster Gram packages, all for one great price. Each price level has three distinct and delectable package options.
Dollar Value Gift Cards
Send a Gift Card.
Gift cards are a great way to send a unique and convenient gift of gourmet memories that fits right in your wallet! Great for any occasion, these tasty cards are the most popular option for business gifts!
Gift Certificate "Best of the Month"
"Best Of" Monthly Gift Plan Packages
This is not your run-of-the-mill fruit basket type of monthly club... it's SO MUCH BETTER!
With our new "Best Of" Lobster Gram Monthly Gift Plans you can send our most popular selections that will ship each month - and all at discounted prices that include the shipping! We handle everything - you kick back and wait for the thank-you's.
Gold Gift Box Set $5.95
Gift Certificate Gold Gift Box Set - $5.95
Enhance your gift certificate presentation with our NEW Gift Certificate Gold Gift Box Set! It's a fun, elegant presentation including our accessory kit, a "Larry The Lobster" finger puppet and fully-personalized gift card, all wrapped up in a gold gift box.
Product Gift Certificates - "Create-A-Gram"
Product Gift Certificates: "Create-A-Gram"
Create-A-Gram Gift Certificate and let recipients create their own ideal feast including choices of soup, seafood cakes, a main course, and a dessert! Create-A-Gram certificates include shipping cost at redemption, so your recipient will not have to pay a penny!

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